Glossier // Review

AT LAST, IT IS HERE. Glossier is finally available for Canadians! (Sorry to my fellow internationals. I’m sure your time will come soon.) Almost every Youtuber, blogger and influencer seem to be using this brand’s lineup of products and I have been dying to try them out myself. Whether it was skincare or makeup, I wanted to try it all.


Since I am currently obsessed with skincare, I decided to try the Phase 1 Set (C$55). It came with three full-sized products and saved me $9. In this set, there was the Milk Jelly Cleanser (C$22), Priming Moisturizer (C$27), and Balm Dotcom (in the flavor of your choice) (C$15). They claim that these products are key essentials for your everyday skincare routine. In addition, there was the classic and oh, so cute Pink Pouch and a collection of stickers.

The Milk Jelly Cleanser is great for killing two birds with one stone. It can be used on dry skin to remove makeup and wet to act as a cleanser. This is very similar to Korean oil cleansers, except the consistency of the Milk Jelly Cleanser is a lot thicker. What I love about this product is it makes my skin feel very light when I use it as a cleanser. I have very sensitive skin and it does not irritate me at all. Key ingredients of the Milk Jelly Cleanser include rose water, pro-vitamin B5 and poloxamer (this is found in contact solutions, making this product friendly for your eyes). The only thing I wish this product could do is removing my waterproof mascara.

Lately, I have been using my Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face Sunscreen as a base for my makeup. Ever since I started using Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer under my sunscreen, I have noticed that my makeup and skin look a lot smoother. This moisturizer is very light and a bit liquidy, but that does not stop it from being very buildable. Glossier mix tea and honey extracts to help combat redness in the skin, creating a more even tone. Also, they use mushroom extract to help hydrate and moisturize your skin.

I have been on the hunt for a long lasting lip balm and Glossier has definitely nailed it with their Balm Dotcom; no wonder it’s a cult favorite. It has a thick consistency but it does not make my lips feel heavy or very oily. A little goes a long way. This product is a universal skin salve so, besides your lips, it can be used anywhere that needs a little TLC and hydration. Balm Dotcom comes in six different flavors; original, mint, cherry, birthday, rose and coconut. Cherry and rose and tinted, while birthday has a subtle hint of shimmer (perfect for going out). Original, mint and coconut are all untinted, making it perfect for every day.

If you can get your hands on Glossier, I recommend you try the Phase 1 Set. It is a great introduction to the brand by allowing you to try three of their skin care essentials. There are other sets available as well, such as Phase 2 (a makeup set), the Super Pack (three face serums) and the Balm Dotcom trio (three flavors of your choice). I cannot wait to try more from this brand and see what they have in store for the future.

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