5 Ways to Make or Save Money // Tips & Tricks

1. Eat At Home

In the past year, I have learned that food is expensive; especially if it is being made for you. Yes, it is so much easier to get take-out, especially on those busy weekdays; but believe me, it begins to add up (…to a total that you wish you spent on something else). Instead of spending $10-$15 a day for lunch, save it and spend it on groceries that will last you more than a meal. Also, eating at home is a lot healthy. Trust me, cooking isn’t that hard.

2. Ebates

I love online shopping. For me, it is easier to search through things on a website (where it is organized), rather than searching through racks of clothes or shelves filled with items. 3 years ago, I came across Ebates. It’s basically a website that gives you cash back every time you shop. I know, you’re still spending money but you at least get a few bucks back. They also offer coupons and deals so you don’t have to find them on our own. The only downside…it is only select stores but, do not get me wrong, the list of stores they partner with is still amazing.

3. Put it Aside

Saving money doesn’t have to be hard. I know there are bills to pay and necessities that need to be bought but do you really need those new shoes? I used to spend my paychecks as soon as it got cashed into my bank account. BIG MISTAKE. I would be broke for another week or two until my next one and the wait was never fun. I have learned my lesson and now, when I get my paycheck, I like to set aside a certain amount that I can use to spend on whatever I want.

4. Forget Credit

Credit cards. They are dangerous. Especially now since you can just tap and go. I am the type of person who HATES carrying change and I hated being that person holding up the line because I’m trying to count my money. Yeah, credit cards have limits… but you still have to pay it back. I try not to use them if I know I won’t be able to pay back what I didn’t have to begin with. Plus, I don’t want to risk being in debt because that doesn’t seem like a fun experience. If it is an absolute emergency or if I know I’ll be able to pay back what I owe soon, then yes, I will use my credit card. But please, I do not advise you to use it just because you want that designer bag that will set you back $1,000.

5. Sell your Stuff

Currently, I am obsessed with selling my unworn clothing. I used to just donate them to Value Village or the Salvation Army. One day, I randomly came across a consignment store called Plato’s Closet. (Sorry international peeps, this store is only within Canada and the USA…but I am sure your country has a store with a similar idea.) I always thought consignment stores only wanted expensive, gently used, designer goods; I guess I was wrong. I looked through my closet and found two bags full of stuff that I wanted to get rid of. I was a little worried my stuff wouldn’t sell but little did I know, I made $145. Now I am hooked. If there aren’t consignment stores that buy and sell lower end goods in your area, do not worry. There are a ton of apps and websites that let you sell your stuff.


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