Colour Report // Spring 2017

In Pantone’s Spring 2017 Fashion Colour Report, the Top 10 colors for spring 2017 included vivid hues that are inspired by nature. Many designers showcased and incorporated these colors in their Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Below is a review of each color with some of my favorite looks from the S/S ’17 runway.


Pantone’s Top 10 Colours for Spring 2017

PANTONE 13-0755 Primrose Yellow – from gold-tone seen in A/W 16 to fresh and bold yellow, this season’s Primrose Yellow is inspired by the sun. This shade is fun, cheerful and immediately gives a sense of warmth. Primrose Yellow will definitely make a statement whether you wear a monochromatic ensemble or use it as a pop of color in your accessories. primrose-yellow

PANTONE 13-1404 Pale Dogwood – in Autumn/Winter 2016, we saw laundered pastel hues. This season, we move to a soft and chalky version. Pale Dogwood is a peaceful, subtle pink that creates a look of innocence and purity. I find it is still pretty neutral, which makes it’s easy to pair with other colors. pale-dogwood

PANTONE 14-1315 Hazelnut – as we move into spring, the deep and rich brown tones seen in the previous season have now turned into beach-inspired tones. Hazelnut is the perfect transitional color as it is still warm and earthy but lightened up to compliment the spring weather. This neutral tone can be paired with practically anything. hazelnut

PANTONE 14-4620 Island Paradise – as a cool blue-green, Island Paradise is reminiscent of the ocean. This shoreline blue is perfect as an accent, complimentary color and all on its own. This color transports me to the Caribbean Sea; prepping me for the summer vacation vibes. You can pair it with some bold colors for a fun and vibrant look, or tone it down with some neutrals.


PANTONE 15-0343 Greenery – this year’s major color is Greenery. A yellow-green that reflects nature’s foliage. This luscious color has developed from the sour and acid tones in A/W 2016. From head-to-toe or just a statement piece, Greenery will help connect you to the outdoors. In 2017, green is back and this color is here to stay.


PANTONE 17-1462 Flame – this spring, we are playing with fire. Flame is vivid and playful orange. The terracotta in late 2016 has evolved into a bold color that adds fiery heat. I find this color very flattering (without making you look like an orange highlighter) and is surprisingly easy to pair with. Wear it with white to make this shade POP! or add some neutrals and earthy tones to tone down the fire. flame

PANTONE 17-2034 Pink Yarrow – from pretty and light shades, we transition to tropical and bold pinks. Pink Yarrow is rosy, bright and stimulating. This color reminds me of flowers, which is perfect for

PANTONE 17-4123 Niagara – there isn’t a color that screams classic denim better than Niagara. This muted blue is the perfect transitional shade for denim. It gives a sense of relaxation, calmness and is super versatile. Go ahead, rock a Canadian tuxedo in this trendy shade.niagara

PANTONE 18-0107 Kale – just like Greenery, Kale holds a connection to nature. This subtle and muted green resembles the deeper tones in lush foliage.  I find this shade looks beautiful on all skin tones, shapes, and sizes. Since it is less vibrant, it is easier to wear every day during the transition from winter to spring. kale

PANTONE 19-4045 Lapis Blue – make a statement with Lapis Blue. This bold color is full of energy while still playing it safe. In contrast to Island Paradise and Niagara, Lapis Blue is a deeper tone that is both vibrant and subtle. Wear a satin top in Lapis Blue, and you’ll see how truly beautiful this color is. lapis-blue

There you have it; the trendiest colors for spring 2017. I hope you get some style inspiration on how to wear and pair the upcoming season’s hottest colors. I encourage everyone to try at least one of these colors. (p.s. this will give you a reason to shop.)


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