ColourPop // Review

I recently got into ColourPop cosmetics after seeing one of my friends rave about them. I’ve heard a lot about the brand and have seen quite a few YouTubers and bloggers compare the Ultra Matte Lips to Kylie Jenner’s matte liquid lipsticks. With their fairly inexpensive prices, I decided to try them out myself, along with a few other products. Here’s what I got:


I ordered quite a few things and the shipping was fairly quick (considering that I live in Canada and the products were being shipped from California). While I was browsing and adding things to my cart, there happened to be a promo going on. It was somewhere along the lines of “spend a certain amount and receive __ number of Ultra Matte Lips”. The liquid lipsticks they were giving for free were actually new colors that were part of their “Moments of Weekness” collection (launched Dec. 13). Lucky for me, I was able to snag three out of the four shades that were being offered.


Ultra Matte Lip (Top to Bottom): Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

For me, the new ColourPop shades are sort of a hit & miss. Monday is a peachy beige, which in my opinion, looks like it has a slight gray undertone or looks pinker depending on the lighting and skin tone. Wednesday is a bright and vibrant hot pink. Personally, this was my least favorite out of the three because it was a little too bright for my liking. Lastly, Thursday is a purple with red undertones. I like the color but I’m not the biggest fan. It is certainly one of those colors that make a statement but I’m not too comfortable with the shade on me. Maybe I’ll play around with it some more in the future. You can check out the full range of colors from the Moments of Weekness collection here.

Now, the main reason why I decided to buy a few things from ColourPop are these minis. I absolutely love and adore travel/sample-size products. They’re great for trying new things and seeing if you like them.


Ultra Matte Lip To-Go (Top to Bottom): Time Square, Solow, Bad Habit, Creeper & Avenue

I purchased The Good Times mini kit, which comes with 5 shades; Time Square, Solow, Bad Habit, Creeper and Avenue. I’m really glad I got this kit because I love every single color and can see myself purchasing the full size in the future. First, we have Time Square, which is described as a muted pink beige. I find it looks a bit similar to Monday, but definitely more subtle and closer to a “my lips but better” color. Solow is a nudish-pink (maybe more on the pink side). I think this is the perfect pink for my skin tone, but you guys can be the judge of that. Bad Habit is a lovely mauve pink. I can totally see this as a transition color from winter to spring and definitely in the autumn season. Creeper is a classic red with a blue undertone…so you know your teeth are going to be looking whiter, need I say more? Last but not least, we have Avenue; a deep red with a yellow undertone. This shade is not my fave when it comes to those days when I drink a lot of coffee but I still love it. Avenue makes me feel super luxe and always puts me in a fierce mood.

For me, liquid matte lipsticks usually dry out my lips after a few hours of wear. To prevent that, I decided to get a lip primer. AND because I can NEVER have enough brow products, I also threw a brow pencil in my shopping cart.



Left: Brow Pencil in Black N’ Brown // Right: Lippie Primer

The Brow Pencil I got is in the shade, Black ‘N Brown. This is their second darkest shade and is described as a ‘deep blackened brown’. At first, I wasn’t a fan of the flat top and how skinny the pencil was but after a while, the end sort of forms a point and you get the hang of holding the pencil. I’ve also come to appreciate how thin the product actually is because it lets you make fine hair-like strokes. The consistency is very smooth; not too chalky and not too creamy. The spoolie at the end makes for an easy ‘flip & blend’, as I like to say.

The Lippie Primer is like a lip balm and lip liner all-in-one. It creates a base for your lip products, moisturizes your lips AND prevents your color from feathering out. But beware! If you apply a little too much, your lips will kind of feel waxy.

The final few products I have are for your cheeks! All of them are in the Super Shock Cheek formula. The Super Shock Cheek products feel incredibly creamy, silky and last all day.


Super Shock Cheek (Left to Right): Churro [Highlighter], Cruel Intentions [Blush] & Birthday Suit [Blush]

First is a highlighter in the color Churro. It is so pretty and gives a pearlized finish – instead of being sparkly or too shimmery. The color is a peachy gold-copper with flecks of gold and silver (when you turn that cheek). I prefer to use my finger and dab the product on; that way I can easily control how much product I want to use and exactly where to put it. Cruel Intentions is a warm rose colored blush. The color has a matte finish and can be built up from soft and natural to bold. Birthday Suit is also in a blush with a matte finish Compared to Cruel Intentions, it is a softer, more neutral pink. It has a bit of sparkle which I like for those days where I want to skip highlighter but give myself a bit of shimmer on the cheeks. I find this color is harder to build up, but that’s ok because I like how a light and sheer layer gives your cheeks a natural flushed look.

Overall, I really like ColourPop cosmetics. I’m honestly such a sucker for their packaging…it’s just SO CUTE. For my next order, I want to try their Lippie Stix. I heard they’re similar to the Ultra Mattes but aren’t transfer-proof. So far, I’m a fan of their long-lasting formula. It definitely saves me from constantly thinking if my makeup looks okay throughout the day. For the affordable price, I think everyone should check out them out.

Let me know your thoughts.

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